#Gabon: Gabonese Civil Society slammed Ali Bongo and his new PM

Press release by the free Gabonese Civil Society, following the appointment of a new Prime Minister and the maintaining of Guy Nzouba-Ndama as President of the National Assembly

After several months of confusion, procrastination, internal strife and political arrangements to maintain a semblance of cohesion of the different clans supporting the Ali Bongo regime, the new National Assembly and Government of the PDG system have just been put in place.

As such, the free civil society through the popular citizen movement “Ça Suffit Comme Ça” reaffirms strongly and with determination its total rejection of the corrupt, tyrannical and undemocratic PDG system, which is responsible for the current decay and underdevelopment of the country.

Indeed, after the rigged election of 2009 which saw Ali Bongo ascent to power under fraudulent conditions, marked by brutal repression of the civilian population in Port-Gentil and Libreville, orchestrated by regime’s army and militias; the legislative elections organized on 17 December 2011 without biometry and without guarantee of transparency, were sanctioned by:

– A record abstention rate of 95%,
– The election of a monochromatic and minority national assembly composed of 98% of MPs from the PDG;
– The disappearance of the opposition in the Assembly;
– The disappearance of parliamentary groups and therefore leading to the absence of debates making impossible any form of democratic expression.

This election has strengthened the descent of Gabon into a non-democratic hellhole and the consolidation of authoritarian power, of a dictatorial and family based PDG system.

The popular citizen movement “Ça Suffit Comme Ça” is calling all Gabonese concerned about the establishment of genuine democracy and the rule of law in Gabon, in a sacred union against the criminal and corrupt PDG system which, for 44 years has captured the country’s wealth by engaging in the widespread looting of taxpayers’ money while subjugating and impoverishing 85% of a population reduced to a miserable and abject life of begging.

The popular citizen movement “Ça Suffit Comme Ça” asks the Gabonese people to remain vigilant when it comes to granting credits to this new Government that will do nothing to improve the living conditions of 85% of those left behind by 44 years of mismanagement, massive violations of civil and political rights in Gabon, in particular through the confiscation of constitutional institutions as well as the privatization of the state to the point that Gabon has truly become a banana republic.

In this context, we understand better the appointment of a Prime Minister known to have a temper and who has an anti-democratic record with his track record in the management of several public companies and respect for human rights being more than catastrophic.

Hévégab and SETRAG are among the companies led into bankruptcy by Raymond Ndong Sima and eventually privatized.

The arbitrary suspension of wages to labor leaders from SETRAG and the death of one of them who became unable to buy medicines, is also to his credit.

One also understands the maintaining of Guy Nzouba Ndama as President of the National Assembly while he is being prosecuted before the Commission for the Fight Against Illicit Enrichment by anti-corruption organizations of the civil society for embezzling over $ 7 billion francs (CFA) destined for the building of the National Assembly’s wing.

In view of the aforementioned, the popular citizen movement “Ça Suffit Comme Ça” is asking that the National Commission for Fight Against Illicit Enrichment goes to the end of its investigations in this matter that concerns financial crime and that Guy Nzouba Ndama answers for his actions in court.

The popular citizen movement “Ça Suffit Comme Ça” reiterates its requirements for democratic and institutional reforms and they are:

– The reform of the Constitutional Court, the National Council of Communication, the Economic and Social Council and the Independent Electoral Commission;
– The involvement of civil society in all stages of the political process;
– Reforming the Elections Act and the establishment of all devices to ensure electoral transparency;
– The reduction and limitation of the presidential term to 5 years, renewable once;
– The redrawing of electoral boundaries based on the demographic weight;
– The dissolution of all agencies;
– The re-establishment without delay of the National Union;
– The cessation of persecution and political trials;
– The cessation of repressive measures against the free press;
– The creation of an independent commission of inquiry on the management of CAN 2012;
– The creation of a Tripartite Commission majority-opposition and civil society for the formulation of any proposed reforms.

Given the authoritarian and corrupt regime in Gabon, the popular citizen movement “Ça Suffit Comme Ça” is asking the U.S. Congress and the European Union to implement appropriate measures and to isolate the Ali Bongo Government because of all violations against democracy and human rights.

Libreville, February 29, 2012

For the Gabonese Civil Society:

– Marc Ona Essangui, President of Brainforest GOLDMAN ENVIRONMENTAL 2009 Price: (241) 07294140: ona_essangui@yahoo.com

– George Mpaga, Chairman of the Board of Directors Network of Free Civil Society for Good Governance in Gabon (ROLBG): (241) 07519932: gmpaga@yahoo.fr

-Paulette Oyane ONDO, lawyer and activist Human Rights, member of Civil Society. cabinet_oyaneondo@yahoo.fr. 241 07 07 16 48

– Alain MOUPOPA, President of African NGO Horizons of Human Rights: afrique.horizons @ gmail.com, moupopa.alain @ gmail.com (241) 07751503

– Dieudonne MINLAMA MINTOGO, President of the National Observatory of Democracy: (241) 07948719: minlamadd@yahoo.fr

Source: http://gabonenervant.blogspot.com/


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