#Gabon-Financial crimes: Former Prime minister Jean Eyeghe Ndong speaks out (PR)

Jean Eyeghe Ndong
Former Prime Minister of Gabon


Libreville, Gabon, August 29, 2014.


Ladies and gentlemen of the press,

Ladies and gentlemen in your various qualities,

Thank you for being available and to have responded favorably to my invitation today.

My invitation is in the context of the democratic life of our country, as enshrined by the Preamble and the first article of our Constitution.

This Constitution, any Gabonese of good faith and common sense understands it perfectly: its formulation excludes any action and any behavior similar to the opacity in the management of public affairs. Which, as a result, returns to the need and requirement for us all, of transparency in the management of the public affairs, in other words the State affairs, that is to say, that thing which legitimately are in the interest, in one way or another, of all Gabonese.

The State (i.e., government), for which, modestly but firmly, I have always fought for its respect while I was in business, not without observing however that some compatriots viewed me a little in this regard as tacky. But where are we today?

I talk about the management of public affairs (governance) among which ranks high Justice, sector of the government that is getting lot of attention right now, wrongly perhaps, but certainly from my point of view, rightly so.

“Good governance, financial investigations, the psychosis is touching politicians” and “who has managed the rotating celebrations”, those are the titles of two articles that the newspaper the Union No. 11613 of the Tuesday, August 26, 2014 has devoted to what is one of the highlights of the news in the cottages and plush villas of nice neighborhoods. As a faithful reader of this daily, I thank them for that.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I guess you are wondering where I am going with this. You are quite right.

Well do you know that I am the subject of two judgments of the Court of Auditors (Court des Comptes) pursuant to which I am declared, yes provisionally, responsible of of two large sums of money that I have (allegedly) received from the public Treasury in my capacity as Chairman of the Committee of the «Rotating Celebrations» for the province of Estuaire? And that, having received these funds, I have executed no expenditure of public interest. In other words, according to my understanding, I would have used these public funds for personal purposes.

These funds are respectively according to the Court of Auditors to 1 billion 300 million CFA francs (about 2.6 millions USD) on the one hand, to 97 billion CFA francs (about 192.2 millions USD) on the other.

I am, therefore, enjoined by the Court of Auditors to produce within a period of three months, from the date of notification of these judgments, the management accounts of fact encompassing all the operations carried out duly certified and signed, supported by documents of justification.

That is the judicial information concerning me and which has led me to invite you today.

An information that I judge very serious given the particularly important sums of money that I would have received from the public Treasury, aimed to be used in the implementation of projects selected in the framework of the celebrations of Gabon’s Independence Day, hereinafter referred as «Rotating Celebrations».

In the comprehension of the common person, the «Gabonese lambda», I would have diverted public money, that is to say, the Gabonese taxpayers’ money for personal purposes. A charge referred to as «intuiti personae».

I therefore felt it would be useful for the sake of transparency to inform the opinion by noting that the high financial jurisdiction, the Court of Auditors, did not consider it necessary to hear me previously before taking its judgments. Which means for me that it has obtained and brought together all the elements of information that would have helped to make such a judgement.

Ladies and gentlemen,

As any citizen accused in a legal case, having received notification of these two judgments, I have contacted a lawyer who has replied back to the Court of Auditors as required by legal procedures, with a response to express my surprise and simply let the Court of Auditors know that I am totally innocence to such accusations.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Since I assume that justice is independent and impartial, it is thus transparent. Since it is transparent, it must thus be exercised without any opacity. As well, in respect of public funds, in other words the public money that I would have received from the public Treasury, the Gabonese taxpayers should be informed because it is their money. That is why, I put the matter on the public square in asking the sovereign people on whose behalf the justice is rendered, either of nailing me to pillory, either washing myself from any suspicion.

That said, certainly I have been appointed Chairman of the Committee of the «rotating celebrations» of the province of the Estuary, it is important to indicate that this designation has not been pronounced by a regulatory act, that is to say that the Head of State which took the initiative has not taken an action of legal matter to this effect. This allows me to say that it was a function purely ceremonial justified by the fact that as Prime Minister at the time, I was the first political personality of the province of Estuaire in the way of the precedence, province where I am from. It is the practice in our country.

My functions as President of the Committee of the «rotating celebrations» of the province of Estuaire were limited to preside over the meetings of the political personalities, members of the government, parliamentarians and mayors originating in and function in the province of Estuaire, and on the occasion of which these personalities were decaying infrastructure projects selected in their respective communities. Following these meetings, these personalities were put in relation with the departments of Public Works, finance and business bidders in view of the tendering procedures conform to the Code of public procurement.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If we are in the strict domain of the right and if with the independence, impartiality, neutrality, transparency, which are the foundations of the judicial system, therefore of the Court of Auditors, permit me, without trying to offend the distinguished judges of the financial order, questioning myself aloud: since, according to the two judgments of the Court of Auditors I have received public funds from the public Treasury, in a state of law as ours, what are the official procedures of legislative and regulatory nature to obtain money from the public treasury? In other words, what is traceability?

On the basis of the audits carried out by the Court of Auditors from 2007 to 2013, as regards to the management of the funds made available by the public Treasury and to be used in the implementation of projects selected in the framework of the celebrations of Gabon’s independence day hereinafter referred «Rotating Celebrations», the Court of Auditors stated in its two judgments that I have received the sums of one billion and three hundred million, and ninety-seven billion (of CFA francs), without having made an expenditure of public interest.

For the province of Estuaire that hosted the «Rotating Celebrations» in 2006 and 2007, to my knowledge the projects selected in this framework have been recorded in the laws of finance of these two years as follows:

-Roadworks services of Libreville and departments: 15,000,000,000 cfa francs;

-Other works: 5,000,000,000 cfa francs;

-Construction and equipment of various school buildings: 10,000,000,000 cfa francs;

-Construction and equipment for sanitary buildings: 10,000,000,000 cfa francs;

-Rehabilitation of various networks: 5,000,000,000 cfa francs;

-Water system and rural electrification: 5,000,000,000 F cfa ;

TOTAL : 50,000,000,000 CFA francs (about 100 millions USD).

For the two exercises, we are at one hundred billion CFA francs. Which logically means that I am supposed to have distracted from these hundred billion the sum of ninety-eight billion three hundred million CFA francs.

The Act no.11/94 of September 17, 1994 laying down the organization, the composition, the skills, the operation and the rules of procedure of the Court of Auditors stipulates in its article 58 that “the adversarial procedure is guaranteed by the rule of double order which asks the Court of Auditors to decide by provisional successively order, and then final, and by the faculty which is offered to it to communicate all or part of the report of instruction to the litigant and to any interested person who must respond. “

In order for me to respond to the Court of Auditors in the required time on the basis of article 58 above, it should be put at my disposal:

-the reports of the audits on the «rotating celebrations» of 2006 and 2007 carried out by the Court of Auditors that have helped make this judgment on a provisional basis;

-the receipts or other accounting documents attesting the payments of these amounts to Jean Eyéghé Ndong or to a legal person which he had the management as well as the identity of the payer party ;

-the references of the bank accounts of Jean Eyéghé Ndong or of the legal person having received these amounts.

Similarly, on the basis of article 57 of the same act, I request the Court of Auditors to hear in the capacity of a witness:

-the minister in charge of the Budget in 2006 and 2007 in his capacity of chief authorizing officer of the budget of the State;

-the director general of the Budget in 2006 and 2007 in its quality of authorizing officer by delegation of the budget of the State;

-the Treasurer Paymaster General in 2006 and 2007 in his capacity of chief accounting officer of the State budget.

These personalities are still in life.

Each of these witnesses will attest to this that I have received or not the sum of money relative to the realization of the projects in the context of «Rotating Celebrations». They must also declare to the Court of Auditors the destination of the one hundred billion CFA francs of budgetary allocation assigned to the implementation of the development projects in the framework of «Rotating Celebrations» of 2006 and 2007 in Estuaire.

May I add that as a public servant, under the «Rotating Celebrations», because I have never interfered in the handling of public funds, I have never been able to make myself author de facto of management within the meaning of the decree no. 0653/PR/MBCPFPRE of April 13, 2011, relating to the liability regime of the authorizing officers and public accountants. This means that I have never played under the «rotating celebrations» the role nor of authorizing officer or public accountant. I would not bother you in referring to the case of a financial authority that we could put in place for the needs of a specific management. In this case, the administration anticipates a public accountant and an authorizing officer. However, this is not in this mode that the funds of the «Rotating Celebrations» have been managed. Without any intention to give lessons, I believe the Court of Auditors should therefore conduct investigations to know the operating mode (procedures) to get money out of the public Treasury.

This legal, judicial and accounting component being said, I am taking the opportunity to analyze a little bit this matter politically.

I begin by recalling that since 2009, Gabon has been experiencing a serious political crisis because of the electoral coup perpetrated that year during the presidential election. Everyone knows this, starting with its perpetrators. Clearly, it is the legitimacy at the highest level of power that is the main issue here. On June 16, 2009, the day after the death of President Omar Bongo Ondimba, during his funeral, my official message to Gabon was very clear. I still stand by it today especially as nothing, absolutely nothing, will convince me otherwise. Those who have believed that I was wrong and even in treachery and who are in power today have their consciousness to deal with. I have mine with me also. Only, the history with a capital H we will judge us, and will know on which side to place the supporters of those who have engaged themselves in what I consider to be the lowering of our country in terms of republican and democratic values, and those who have resolutely chosen the path to the dignity of Gabon and Gabonese. I am pleased and proud that, from this point of view, we are hundreds of thousands of Gabonese.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Allow me to say this: the Gabon is an association of Gabonese citizens, do not forget that. His executive board is the State (i.e. the government). This government is responsible for managing the general interest and not the partisan interests of the few at the expense of the others; this government is responsible to avoid dividing the children of Gabon whatever their political differences expressed within the democratic framework enshrined in our fundamental law. The holders of State power and of the public administration do not have the right to blackmail other citizens or use threats for the conservation of power.

Unfortunately, here we are, and we are all going through it everyday; the proof is that I am here before you today to explain myself on a case fabricated simply because the political power, considerably hampered to the creaks of the fact of his original sin, the illegitimacy, chooses the strategy of diversion and disinformation, and count on the media time which in fact puts the suspicion on people unfairly implicated in the management of public funds in general and of public funds relating to «Rotating Celebrations» in particular, and thus to divert the attention of the public opinion of the reality that the country is experiencing at the example of the real financial scandals which are corrupting and continue to gangrene it.

My heritage since the beginning of my public career can be scrutinized and it will reveal that the «pédégiste» (as they call members of the ruling party PDG) that I was, and the determined opponent of the regime that I became, hides no fortune nor in Gabon or abroad. Is this the case for our «lecturers»? Do we truly want to open the Pandora’s box with the hope to smear opponents, some of whom having courageously decided, and rightly so, to leave the PDG boat or to resign from the government in 2009 to avoid being accomplices in the maneuvers and conspiracies which hatched between personalities who were taking advantage of their positions in the government apparatus. For example, the conspiracy on the same day of the swearing in of Mrs Rose ROGOMBE (as interim President) consisting of implementing the plan of the dismissal of the Prime Minister and the project of replacing him by his grandson on the pretext that they belong to the same natural family.

For my part, I have served the country at a high level. Therefore, I must in principle hold my tongue in relation to matters of which I had knowledge of at the time or because of the exercise of my duties. But if I am forced to untie it, watch out for damage for all those who, in search of popular legitimacy, have unfortunately chosen to explode the Republic. This Republic, not to say this State, I am familiar with to have served at the top level. Do you want me to open a few of these drawers at the risk of splashing more than one. Watch out!

To refer again to the «rotating celebrations», can some still remembers, as in the National Assembly, at a session of oral questions to the government, I had said that the President of the Republic would benefit from surrounding himself with fifteen experts to identify infrastructure projects which seemed indicated to him and useful for each province, and ensure their implementation? I still remember, as if it was yesterday, the curious replica that has been made to me in the chamber that day: “you do not have a lesson to give to the Head of State”. And yet at the time, there was already the problem of diversion of funds earmarked for the «rotating celebrations». A little later, the International Monetary Fund sent a report on the «rotating celebrations» uncovering inefficiencies in public spending. It was a «brulot».

Still on the «rotating celebrations», the Prime Minister that I was has not forgotten that a portion of public funds earmarked for this purpose ended up in a local private bank; certainly not my initiative, since I was neither authorizing officer or public accountant.

Gabonese, I am convinced, have enough to mind the bad relations some Gabonese have with money and are questioning private property paid by taxpayers, located in Paris and London. There are also personal aircraft and luxury cars. The same Gabonese have also been able to observe coincidentally the departure from office of the Treasurer Payer General, the Minister of the Economy and of the Minister of the Budget after they made a financial transaction yet touted by the regime. In this regard, insiders of the financial community will remember that, in 2013, Gabon has contracted a bond on the international market for an amount of 750 billion CFA francs (about 1.5 billion USD of Eurobond). A portion of this amount was used to pay the previous loan maturities, that of 2007, the remaining 450 billion CFA francs has been paid on an account opened at the Central Bank. This money which was intended to finance the 2013 budget, since the bond was registered for budgetary resources, has never been made available to the public Treasury for the payment of the expenses of the budget. What is the explanation? That is a question which must be asked and to which must be answered by those running the State or government of Gabon.

Dear compatriots,

Those of you who have chosen to support Ali Bongo Ondimba and be the pillars of his regime, do you not see the Machiavellian game that your man is playing? The «legal smoke» of Ali Bongo Ondimba badly masks his willingness to get rid of all those who made him king against the will of the Gabonese people. Mr. Ali Bongo Ondimba would wish to leave the dirty work to the Gabonese opposition, which is not fooled.

Ladies and gentlemen,

No one shall be immune from prosecution. Even a Head of State may have their immunity lifted by the will of the people.

In summary, the strategy of Ali Bongo Ondimba is known by all of us to achieve his objectives in 2016: raising legal actions like that ridiculous one of NGO Convergence, and introducing an amendment to the Constitution by inserting the age criterion.

Ladies and gentlemen,

By informing you that I have still the audit report on «Rotating Celebrations», I see three personalities cited therein; I would be happy to know if they have been the subject of a judgment of the Court of Auditors as well as me.

What are we talking about? The financial management of our country? Do we have the will and determination to clarify and shed lights on the management of public funds in practiced for decades to the present day? Or, they are mocking the Gabonese people, with the majority of them not knowing what we are really talking about.

No gentlemen! The sauce does not take, the bluffing either. The power must cease to present the opposition members as hungry, embittered or relics especially those who were stamped «PDG» and who left, certainly to do «useful work» and thus participate in cleaning up the public life. Moreover, it is to note that this attempt of «demonization» is counter-productive for the power within the population, it sought at any price to blacken personalities whose sin is to have said no to a political regime marked by lies.

A power which shines daily by escapades of any nature, which says that the opposition has no political project, does it not know that a responsible opposition does not disclose its strategies against an opponent. And what an opponent who is working to erase blithely the rare traces of history of our country as if it had accounts to settle to someone. For what reason for example was the conferences building (palace) of City of democracy shaved, for now housing official meetings in a tent? I am not sure that President Omar Bongo Ondimba would be proud. Why the hospital buildings «Jeanne Ebori» have disappeared from the landscape? Gabon is now truly looking like a territory under the authority of a blind caliph. But fortunately, the reason will inevitably overcome this blindness of an apprentice monarch of the tropics.

Who do they think they are misleading by pretending to trigger clumsily financial investigations in this country where examples of mismanagement come from the top. The opposition will not fall into the game of blackmail whose purpose is, by organizing and maintaining a permanent climate of threats in the country, to bring the leaders of the opposition to the fault in the eyes of their fellow citizens, but also in the eyes of the (international) partners of Gabon by using ridiculous statements on immoral behavior of past and present political leaders.

We can all face the legal system in Gabon: political leaders of the majority as of the opposition, civil servants and senior officials, elected officials, senators, ministers, Prime Ministers, Heads of institutions, President of the Republic. To all of them, I still ask these questions: are we willing to open the files of the unjust enrichment of one in this country? More trivially, are we determined to open the womb of our country?

If we have nothing to be ashamed of or to hide, so why do we refuse to hold a sovereign national conference or a similar event to examine the problem of ill-gotten gains for example. Call on Ms Eva JOLY to do this dirty work, she would respect the neutrality in her investigations. I take this opportunity to appeal to all our judges to patriotism, to the rejection of the «instrumentalization» or exploitation by the political power. Let’s stop this smoke-like talk which distract us from the real problem of democracy that we face in our country.

The real answers to events that occurred the day after the death of President Omar Bongo Ondimba have never been given. It would also require us to investigate the department of the Interior, the Cenap (i.e., the permanent national electoral board) and the Constitutional Court, about what happened during the presidential election of 2009.

The legislative electoral farce of December 2011, the issue of the biometrics never resolved, cynicism displayed by the power during the last local elections, particularly in Libreville where there has been pure and simple renewal of team PDG-CLR (two political parties of the presidential majority in power) which has already failed miserably in the management of the Gabonese capital city, are all ingredients that we should pay attention to.

Our role is decisive, that of all fellow Gabonese who also must not be afraid to invest in the struggle for democracy, justice and freedom in Gabon.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The silly chat on economic performances over the past five years without any real effect on the majority of the population is not enough to keep us silent on the inevitable question of the legitimacy of those in power in Gabon.

What about the garish social inequalities across the country between the urban proletariat and the ruling «plutocracy». The Gabonese must know that the social pact that is being sold to them now is not a discovery which deserves their applause because it is only in the logical extension of the social policy initiated by the government of Omar Bongo Ondimba, which I observed that the heirs want systematically shut down the work that is his. The announcement of the 250 billion (CFA francs) spending on welfare demonstrates amateurism and lightness in the strategy of fiscal policy of the government.

What about Education and Higher learning, the housing policy, road infrastructures on which big lies are uttered on the airwaves of Gabon Television. Similarly, the large project of the Marina with a particularly high cost that should have been subject to a notice of the Parliament or National Assembly during the budget planning, is found today faced with difficulties of all kinds in its realization.

Ladies and gentlemen,

If financial investigations and other charges on managing «Rotating Celebrations» are designed to weaken the leaders of the opposition, it is a waste of time because a new Front was formed within the opposition which represents the majority of Gabonese, who are not afraid to eventually take bullets of the regime in power; they should not let themselves be manipulated by speeches which play on ethnicity, an obscurantist way to retain power.

I therefore today make the «CALL OF NKEMBO» to everyone who has always supported me to share the philosophy of Front for the selection of a single candidate who can only be a true Gabonese, regardless of his/her provincial origins, in preparation of the presidential election of 2016.

Reminding you that, when it comes to the management of «Rotating celebrations» (of Gabon’s Independence Day), I am simply innocent.

Thank you.

Jean Eyeghe Ndong

Translated from french by Citoyen Libre Gabon

Famille Bongo du #Gabon: vivre dans le luxe, payé par la corruption et les malversations financières

Famille Bongo du Gabon: vivre dans le luxe, payé par la corruption et les malversations financières
par Palash Ghosh @Gooch700
le 15 Février 2013 24:36

Dans le Sud de la France, la Police a envahi et fouillé dans la ville de Nice une villa appartenant à l’ancien président du Gabon (Afrique centrale), Omar Bongo Ondimba, dans le cadre d’une enquête sur les pots-de-vin et la corruption.

Ondimba, qui a gouverné le Gabon pendant 42 ans avant sa mort, en Juin 2009, a été remplacé par son fils, Ali, suite aux élections de Août 2009. (les dates de l’article original sont erronées et ont été corrigées).

Toutefois, l’Agence France-Presse a rapporté qu’il est difficile de savoir si la belle villa est toujours la propriété de la famille Bongo ou d’une autre entité.

Sur une base plus large, deux fonctionnaires judiciaires français enquêtent sur la façon dont certains dirigeants africains, dont le président Teodoro Obiang Nguema de la Guinée équatoriale, le président Denis Sassou Nguesso du Congo-Brazzaville et les Bongo du Gabon, ont acheté des villas et autres somptueuses demeures en France.

La justice française a commencé l’enquête en réponse à des accusations soulevées par l’organisation activiste anti-corruption, Transparency International, qui alléguait que les dictateurs africains ont utilisé illégalement des fonds publics pour acquérir des actifs et de propriétés de luxe en France.

Selon un rapport publié dans les médias camerounais, la famille Bongo possédait (ou possède actuellement) pas moins de 39 résidences dans toute la France, y compris à Paris.

PowerIndex a rapporté que le leader actuel du Gabon, Ali Bongo Ondimba, est soupçonné d’avoir non seulement pillé les coffres de la nation pour son usage personnel, mais aussi d’avoir commis une fraude électorale pour rester au pouvoir.

“La famille Bongo aurait écumé 25 pour cent du produit intérieur brut de la nation riche en pétrole au cours des années, et Omar a été reconnu comme l’un des chefs d’État les plus riches de la planète”, a déclaré PI.

“En 1999, une enquête du Sénat américain a découvert 130 millions de dollars sur ses comptes bancaires personnels à la Citibank, provenant des finances publiques du Gabon. Une enquête française sur Elf Aquitaine a indiqué que Omar a reçu €50.000.000 [67 millions-$] par an à partir de la compagnie pétrolière. D’autres enquêtes ont fait ressortir des flottes de Ferrari, Lamborghini et limousines en France, avec d’énormes avoirs immobiliers. “

Pendant ce temps, de nombreux gabonais sont embourbés dans la pauvreté.

La CIA / World Factbook a déclaré que le revenu par habitant du Gabon est quatre fois supérieure à celle de la plupart des pays d’Afrique sub-saharienne, une grande partie de la population demeure pourtant pauvre en raison des énormes inégalités des revenus.

La Banque mondiale a indiqué que près d’un tiers des Gabonais vivent en dessous du seuil de pauvreté.


Traduit de l’anglais par Citoyen Libre Gabon.



#Gabon-Financial crimes: The snake biting its tail (Editorial, Echos du Nord, Aug 25, 2014)

ECHOS DU NORD, No 247, Libreville, Gabon, August 25, 2014

Echos du Nord No 247 Pic


The snake biting its tail …

Sounding the death knell, as he did, to amalgamate, as he said, all the people who profited from money given to them by the government for the so-called «rotating celebrations» (of Gabon’s Independence Day) from 2005 to 2009, that is to say that they ‘diverted’ it for personal gain, does Ali Bongo Ondimba (ABO) know that he just opened the Pandora’s box and «the evil» that will be released will spare neither himself nor his relatives and friends? For the record, the «rotating celebrations» scandal will first tell how in 2002 the «pédégistes» (as they call members of the ruling party, PDG) and «businessmen pédégistes» from the provinces of Ngounié and Nyanga, used public money. It will also tell how, in 2003, notorious public figures of Moyen-Ogooué and Ogooué-Ivindo used the 50 billions CFA francs (about 100.6 millions USD) allocated to these two provinces. Among those «emerging preppy», including a very zealous one, who have built an estimated nearly 100 million CFA francs mansion. For 2004, the President of the National Assembly (Guy Nzouba Ndama) and of leading public figures from the province of Haut-Ogooué (province of the Bongo family), including Idriss Ngari (also army General), will have to answer as of how the funds allocated for the festivities have been used. It will be the same of the «pédégistes» from the province of Woleu-Ntem, on top of which, Daniel Ona Ondo, the current prime minister, towards which the fingers are pointed as to the erection of villas near the municipal market Mbgwema. It will also be interesting to ask the defense minister at the time, a certain Ali Bongo, on funding for military bodies, which repeatedly took other directions; so much so that senior officers had visited (late president) Omar Bongo to claim their due, because of the 450 millions CFA francs released for security forces, the latter had received only 50 millions. Omar Bongo had to replace the remain (missing) amount. We can not talk of «rotating celebrations» without asking questions to the boss of BGFIBank group. As it was an inevitable centerpiece of Omar Bongo Ondimba cabinet room. It is not a question here, as noted by members of the Front (Opposition), to track down a few fall guys at the expense of big fish hidding in the PDG.

All this leads to understand a standard established by the Bongo, from father to son. From 1967 to 24 August 2014, they gave their own definition of the diversion of public funds or embezzlement: this is all public money that embezzlement did not get the blank check of the Bongo. That is why the opposition grouped in «the Front», spoke about “presidential authorization to embezzle (PAE)”. At the time of Bongo, the father, three people were able to give it «carte blanche». Besides himself, it is clear that the powerful chief of staff at the time and a so-called ABO, had this latitude. The formula consecrated by Omar Bongo was: “very very very very total agreement”, with a red pen. A formula well known to all senior management. The recipient of that formula (Minister, CEO of company, State Treasurer, General Manager of Budget, High Commissioner for Planning, etc.) knew that the door was open for use, at their discretion, of public funds. But of course, there was also some considerations given to the «clients». This system has not disappeared since his little majesty (Ali Bongo) gloss on the principles of good governance for the beautiful ears of Barack Obama, François Hollande, Angela Merkel and David Cameron. Pure stupidity.

It is this “presidential authorization to embezzle” which has permitted Maixent Accrombessi (Ali Bongo’s chief of staff) to allow the company of another citizen of Benin, in collaboration with Haitian partners, to exercise control over all the incoming telephone calls to Gabon. On each incoming call, the man receives a «percentage rightful» directly. Of course, Accrombessi did not get the authorization just for the sake of his compatriot. It’s a win-win partnership. The system starts from London, where there is a «stock market» which aims to co-opt international calls worldwide. A company called Global Voice Group, based in Miami and owned in majority interest by the Spanish, is a partner in any regularity, with many countries in the world in the context of managing telephone calls. These for the African-Caribbean area deal with an haitian company, which itself has a deal with the hound, Accrombessi. What happens on a large scale, while Gabon could directly build this partnership with Global Voice Group, like many other states? A scheme was put together by Accrombessi to shoot the cover of his side, with one of his compatriots. On behalf of the «PAE» (presidential authorization to embezzle). By the way, this is called insider trading.

Through this channel, the National Agency of digital infrastructures and Frequency (Aninf) of Gabon has established a similar operation by allowing a company based in Holland, “Freenom.Com“, to manage domain “.GA” which is the point access of Gabon on the Internet. Alex Bongo Ondimba, his little majesty’s brother, must explain to Gabonese taxpayers the interest of what appears to be a bad bargain for Gabon, but profitable for a handful of people. This again is nothing more or less than this «PAE». Hence, who is plundering Gabon? ali_bongo_nt_110608_wg

Plato, philosopher, student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle, says in the story of the myth of Er that the fate of a human being is the fact of his life choices. In this myth, the souls present a Hierophant any type of “fate”, from the lives of most glorious to smaller and even the more insignificant. No soul is driven by the constraint in his choice. This one (the soul) is free. However, it is an indication that the Hierophant indicates the souls that each spell has either constraints or obligations or as it is modest, no constraint. He recommends souls lot of patience and prudence. In the lot of souls, it is one that will choose the most glorious life marked by royalty unrivaled power. It rushes on this lot, but lack of pot, the fate doomed to infanticide; the worst tyrannies and then gradually decline to finally suicide. It will negotiate with the gods in vain. The fate was sealed. It curses the gods without cursing herself. What this soul should have started to do. His little majesty (Ali Bongo) will need to meditate on this myth, because he will find that his crusade against financial criminals will turn against himself, like a snake biting its tail.

One can “be president” or simply act like “being president.” In the first case, one has taken the measure of his fate and one also take the measure of his choices in the under-weighing and carefully examining each one. But if you act like “being president,” that person will have just seen the flashy side of power and its attributes, without realizing the fate relative to this power and the consequences his choices. This is what will happen to his little majesty Ali Bongo Ondimba.


Translated from french, by Citoyen Libre Gabon



#Gabon-Crimes économiques et financiers: Le Serpent se mord la queue (Editorial, Echos du Nord du 25/08/2014)

ECHOS DU NORD No 247 du Lundi 25 Août 2014

Echos du Nord No 247 Pic

De Désiré ENAME

Le serpent se mord la queue…

En sonnant le glas, comme il l’a fait, pour confondre, selon lui, toutes les personnes qui ont bénéficié de l’argent de l’Etat lors des fêtes tournantes de 2005 à 2009, c’est-à-dire qui l’ont détourné à leur profit personnel, Ali Bongo Ondimba (ABO) sait-il seulement qu’il vient d’ouvrir la boîte de Pandore et que les maux qui vont en être libérés n’épargneront ni lui-même, ni ses proches? Car le dossier des fêtes tournantes va d’abord dire comment en 2002 les pédégistes et affairistes pédégistes des provinces de la Ngounié et de la Nyanga ont utilisé l’argent de l’Etat. Il dira également comment, en 2003, les figures de proue du Moyen-Ogooué et de l’Ogooué-Ivindo ont utilisé les 50 milliards affectés à ces deux provinces. Parmi eux des émergents bon chic bon genre, dont un, très zélé, qui a pu bâtir une baraque estimée à près de 100 millions de F CFA. Pour 2004, le président de l’Assemblée nationale et des figures de proue de la province du Haut-Ogooué, dont Idriss Ngari, répondront de la manière dont les fonds alloués pour les festivités y ont été utilisés. Il en sera de même des pédégistes du Woleu-Ntem, en tête desquels Daniel Ona Ondo, l’actuel Premier ministre, en direction de qui des doigts se sont pointés quant à l’érection de villas aux abords du marché municipal de Mbgwema. Il sera aussi intéressant d’interroger le ministre de la Défense de l’époque, un certain Ali Bongo, sur des fonds alloués pour les corps militaires, et qui, à plusieurs reprises, ont pris d’autres directions; à tel point que des officiers supérieurs s’étaient rendus chez Omar Bongo pour réclamer leur dû, car sur les 450 millions de FCFA débloqués pour les forces de sécurité, ces dernières n’en avaient reçu que 50 millions. Omar Bongo a dû ressortir la somme manquante. On ne peut pas parler des fêtes tournantes sans interroger le patron du groupe BGFIBank. Tout comme était incontournable la pièce maîtresse du cabinet d’Omar Bongo Ondimba. Il ne s’agit pas ici, comme l’ont indiqué les membres du Front, de traquer quelques lampistes au détriment des gros poissons tapis au sein du PDG.

Tout ceci amène à comprendre une norme établie par les Bongo, de père en fils. De 1967 au 24 août 2014, ils ont donné une définition propre à eux du détournement des fonds publics. Il s’agit de toute distraction d’argent public qui n’ait pas obtenu le blanc-seing des Bongo. Voilà pourquoi l’opposition regroupée au sein du Front a parlé de «l’autorisation présidentielle de détourner (APD)». A l’époque de Bongo père, trois personnes avaient la possibilité de donner ce blanc-seing. Outre lui-même, il ressort que le puissant directeur de cabinet de l’époque et un certain ABO en avait la latitude. La formule consacrée par Omar Bongo était : «Accord très très très très total», au stylo rouge. Formule bien connue de toute la haute administration. Le destinataire (ministre, DG de société, TPG, DGB, Haut-commissaire à la Planification, etc.) comprenait que la porte était ouverte pour l’usage, à leur guise, des fonds publics. Mais bien entendu, il y avait la contrepartie des donneurs d’ordre. Ce système n’a pas disparu depuis que sa petite majesté glose sur les principes de bonne gouvernance pour les belles oreilles des Barack Obama, François Hollande, Angela Merkel et David Cameron. Pure balourdise.

C’est cette «autorisation présidentielle de détourner» dont s’est muni Maixent Accrombessi pour permettre à la société d’un autre ressortissant béninois, en collaboration avec des partenaires haïtiens, d’exercer un contrôle le sur tous les appels téléphoniques entrant au Gabon. Sur chaque appel entrant, cet homme perçoit un pourcentage qui lui revient directement. Bien entendu, Accrombessi n’a pas obtenu cette autorisation pour les beaux yeux de son compatriote. C’est un partenariat gagnant-gagnant. Le système part de Londres, où se trouve une bourse dont le but est de coopter les appels internationaux dans le monde. Une société appelée Global Voice Group, basée à Miami et détenue en majorité d’intérêts par des Espagnols, est partenaire en toute régularité, avec de nombreux Etats dans le monde dans le cadre de la gestion des appels téléphoniques. Ces derniers pour la zone Afrique-Caraïbes traitent avec une société haïtienne qui, elle, a un deal avec le limier d’Accrombessi. Ce qui se passe à une grande échelle, alors que le Gabon pouvait directement tisser ce partenariat avec Global Voice Group, comme de nombreux autres Etats. Un montage a été concocté par Accrombessi pour tirer la couverture de son côté, avec un de ses compatriotes. Au nom de l’APD. Et cela s’appelle du délit d’initié.

Par ce même canal, l’Agence nationale des infrastructures numériques et des fréquences (Aninf) a tissé une opération similaire en autorisant une société basée en Hollande, «Freenom.Com» , à gérer le domaine «.ga», qui est le point d’accès du Gabon sur internet. Alex Bongo Ondimba, frère de sa petite majesté, devra expliquer aux contribuables gabonais l’intérêt de ce qui apparaît comme un marché de dupes pour le Gabon, mais rentable pour une poignée de personnes. C’est encore là, ni plus ni moins que cette APD. Alors, qui pille l’Etat?

Platon, philosophe, élève de Socrate et maître d’Aristote, rapporte dans le récit du mythe d’Er que le sort d’un être humain est le fait de son choix de vie. Dans ce mythe, un hiérophante présente aux âmes tout type de «sort», allant des vies des plus glorieuses aux plus modestes, voire des plus insignifiantes. Aucune âme n’est poussée par la contrainte dans son choix. Celui-ci est libre. Il est cependant une indication que l’hiérophante signale aux âmes, que chaque sort a soit des contraintes, soit des obligations ou encore selon qu’il est modeste, aucune contrainte. Il recommande alors aux âmes beaucoup de patience et de prudence. Dans le lot des âmes, il est une qui fera le choix de la plus grande vie glorieuse marquée par une royauté sans égale en puissance. Elle se précipite sur ce sort, mais manque de pot, ce sort le vouait à l’infanticide ; à la pire des tyrannies, puis progressivement à la déchéance pour finir au suicide. Elle négociera avec les divinités en vain. Le sort était scellé. Elle maudira les divinités sans se maudire elle-même. Ce qu’elle aurait dû commencer à faire. Sa petite majesté devra méditer sur ce mythe, car il s’apercevra que sa croisade contre les criminels financiers se retournera contre lui-même, tel un serpent qui se mord la queue.

On peut «être président de la République» ou simplement jouer à «être président de la République». Dans le premier cas, on a pris la mesure de son sort et l’on prendra aussi la mesure de ses choix en les sous-pesant et en examinant rigoureusement chacun d’eux. Mais dans le cas où l’on joue à «être président de la République», l’intéressé n’aura vu que le côté clinquant du pouvoir et ses attributs, sans se rendre compte du sort lié à ce pouvoir et des conséquences de ses choix. C’est ce qui va arriver à sa petite majesté Ali Bongo Ondimba.


#Gabon-Embezzlement and Money laundering: United Opposition Front ready to reveal all

Declaration of the United Opposition Front (The Front)

Flyer_Front                                                                   (Free our country)

Fellow Gabonese,

One month ago, we announced the creation of the Opposition United Front (The FRONT) with the determination to do everything possible to achieve democratic change for the first time in the history of our country. Since that day, the FRONT, which is definitely a reality, is organized to materialize this ambition. We return to you today, not to comment on political topics, but for some important clarifications.

The 54th anniversary of our Independence should have been a time of great gathering and national unity. He could have allowed our leaders to courageously update the population about the progress made in recent years and to define the axes of a true National proud. There has unfortunately been nothing as such!

Gabonese expected, for example, to know:

- Why the government can not make a budget that makes sense for more than a year;

- Why the government does not take the situation of living conditions of the population into account and

- Why does it send our children to prison in Libreville, true school of crime, for asking to get their student scholarships paid?

- Why the government has not pay for student scholarships for a year?

- Why is the health sector paralyzed by strikes while the government pretended that everything was fine in a perfect world again?

- Why Ali Bongo, who discovered in 2014 that “his countrymen lived in bad conditions!”, and since then, started the fight against poverty, has suddenly avoided talking about his grand project of 25,000 housing he promised – but never realized – 5 years ago, but the figure is adjusted each year downward, from 5,000 to about 1000/1500 dwellings for year 2012?

- Why only Ali Bongo, his chief of staff and, perhaps, his spokesman, see these “plants” as loudly praised by Ali Bongo in the Special Economic Zone Nkok?

- Why any kind of economic activity can not be verified to date in that area, now that we are closed to his seven years term in power?

- Why only Ali Bongo, his chief of staff and, perhaps, his spokesman, are they the only ones not distinguishing roadworks started before he became head of state, that and he only continues as the highway of four lanes whose works still hang in the PK25 (near capital city Libreville)?

- What happens to the great “business contracts” Ali Bongo signed by thousands, during each of its global travel?

- How many projects stopped or abandoned, barely started! So many promises! So many lies!

Beside parades and fireworks, the only traces that remain of our “Independence Day”, we were treated with the same purring complacency, the same laurels yet overloaded on a braided head of flattery, and, of course, to the vain attempts to blame everything wrong in Gabon on the Opposition. Further proof that government called “Emergence” does not see the same Gabon people of Gabon are seeing!

On August 17, however, 3 major scandals that undermine the Republic and whose resolution, long demanded by the Opposition, meet some consensus in the country, have emerged.

The first of these scandals is related to judicial investigations and judgments of embezzlement of thousands of trillions (of CFA Francs) of which our country has been and remains a victim, despite the many organizations set up to mitigate the effects.

This gigantic predation (embezzlement) of financial resources from timber, manganese, uranium, but especially oil, has been and remains the main obstacle to the development of our country to the extent that, on the one hand, it seriously limits the means necessary to build land, port and airport infrastructures that would have accelerated takeoff and where it blocks, on the other hand, the implementation of a genuine policy of education and health that would have placed our country at the advanced positions of Nations.

Predation is not only the cause of “poverty in a rich country with natural resources” as recognized already by the World Bank in 1997, but it has also created a moral disintegration of state employees and generated a sense of impunity damaging any desire for national reconstruction.

When it comes to the management of the country in which Ali Bongo Ondimba has been involved for 30 years, the head of the so-called «Emergence» took total control of the public media, accusing the ex-members of PDG (ruling party) now in the opposition, of being responsible of all the liabilities of the past 50 years and portraying them in the media as people seeking revenge and the restoration of Omar Bongo type of regime.

Meanwhile, Ali Bongo, who had undertaken to dismantle pan after pan, assets left by the one he had yesterday presented like his father (Omar Bongo), is now as white as kaolin in the face of the Gabonese, unaccountable of any past problems or pitfalls, calling himself an innocent because of his supposed “young age” at the time.

We declare that from this day, we will take each case at every opportunity to remind the actions taken by each other during the long ruling power of (Omar and Ali) Bongo. We will work to clarify the gray areas and highlight the «liabilities» side, all «liabilities». We will hit back.

In deciding now to shed the light on the heinous crime of predation of public funds and property, Ali Bongo made a big step especially as he was reluctant to solve it, replying with a «pirouette» to those were worried. In particular, he said that he a victim of his father’s name, and that he was not involved in any way directly or indirectly (in embezzlement) to the extent that he also surprised reporters by referring during his interview on August 17 (Independence Day), “his home in Paris”, as he has always claimed not to have one there.

People of Gabon, meanwhile, were dismayed to learn and a Head of State, constitutionally guarantees the security of goods and people in a republic, not considered as his duty to recover by all legal means, the money and property belonging to Gabonese taxpayers and put spoilers to justice. We now need to see justice done!

But the case is so important that no Gabonese will accept that, instead of addressing the problem in all its magnitude, the head of state wants to use it as a political tactic, and ultimately will evade it.

Gabonese will not accept Ali arrests some, including few guys without a significant power in the government, to keep away those known to him and many Gabonese, who have and continue to take the country to the (bad) state it is; stigmatizing as always some «petty theft chicken» and «cans of sardines», to allow large « alligators» to continue mismanagement.

Diversions of facts about “revolving celebrations” (of Independence Day), important as they are, are only a very small part in the large folder of «ill-gotten gains» (misappropriated public assets), a large mafia machinations that put Gabon on its knees and whose ramifications are abroad in many countries. We believe that this process can not be managed solely by the Gabonese government. It will need to be extended to foreign jurisdictions, or internationally.

For the record, France, the United State and the United Kingdom, judicial investigations have been initiated, the police officers involved, books written on this extraordinary scandal. We can not stop here!

Fear that this case boils down to a simple political manipulation and a tool of blackmail, we reserve the option to contact, in time, relevant international bodies to assist Gabon and the Gabonese to recover their dues and hence their dignity. We also call on Gabonese magistrates to hold high the banner of judicial independence, to unite their efforts to save the country by defending only the interests that are worth: those of the people of Gabon.

Having been to some of us in the ruling circles of the state, we know that the controls implemented by Gabonese Ministry of Finance by so-called «Chargés d’études» of the Directorate General of the Budget, followed by those of Directorate General of Financial Control and again by those of the Directorate General of the Budget, and finally by those of the General Treasury of the State, that all these barriers in place to prevent fraudulent disbursements can be crossed only by a “Presidential Authority to Steal” (PAS)!

We are now feeling liberated from our duty of confidentiality, we are ready to testify under oath before the magistrates and disclose all the files that we have on the matter (embezzlement in Gabon).

We know that Ali Bongo, as well placed, if not better than us, will disclose other files, including his own. Indeed, who else better than he can explain with what money he could buy palaces in France, England and the United States, or build, as it does today, so many castles in Libreville? Who else can say how he could keep his position as a shareholder in the largest private companies in Gabon, including those responsible for Major Works, while remaining one of the main leaders of the state?

The second scandal, not the least, is the announcement by the Secretary General of the National Security Council, thus boss of Special Services (Secret police). The man used the Independence Day to sound the alarm that seems more, taking into account some of his conclusions, like a cry of distress. Army General Nguetsara, who were in charge of Immigration services for decades, is concerned, as he put it, with “the growth of the immigrant population in Gabon, which is much faster than the growth of the «indigenous» population and its number has exceeded 17% of the total population of Gabon, while the international average standards are between 5% and 7% “, and worse, that «the control of illegal immigration is practically insoluble in the current situation…», it is” currently impossible materially to ensure strict and effective monitoring of our land and sea borders because of their size and geographical configuration, and especially the lack of resources and staff… “! An admission of particularly serious failure in such a key sector for national sovereignty, as well as the security of people and property!

One might add, without wanting to darken the picture painted by the army General, that the whole coast of Gabon, all inlets, from Cocobeach to Mayumba, are controlled by non-domestic fishermen. Just as the small and medium business, three-quarters of the Gabonese economy is in the hands of non-Gabonese operators.

We could also specify, after a great public servant in charge of «Competition and Consumer Affairs», said the same, that the “laissez-faire, laissez-passer” (sort of free for all) of Gabonese officials allowed the foreign importers, wholesalers’ and retailers to gain control of almost all of the Gabonese market. “

This control has fostered siphoning the smaller wage increases by excessive increases in prices because of exorbitant profit margins. This caused a drying up of financial circuits of the government, any surplus being systematically repatriated to their countries of origin without Ali Bongo Ondimba saying anything.

But other consequences have not been described by the army General. Besides money laundering, this system has helped all kinds of illicit trafficking (drugs, counterfeit money, issuing false documents used by foreigners for voting, neutralizing judicial circles by criminal lobbies maligned by European operators robbed). Special (secret) Services have also noted dormant cells of Hezbollah, a significant penetration of Boko Haram, meanwhile, tomorrow, the use of Gabon as backup zone by disturbance elements of some countries in the sub-region!

Our country is in danger!

What the army General did not say, is how it all began! To the extent that this sector (of Immigration) was exclusively managed for 50 years by the Presidency of the Republic. Who else has promoted so heavily that uncontrolled immigration that now threatens the sociological and demographic balances of Gabon?

It is now for Justice to rule on the case of (public) officers who have thus sold off or stolen from their country.

The third scandal, finally, concerns the violent attacks made by Ali Bongo against Jean Ping on August 17. These attacks, coming after those of the President’s press secretary, the Secretary General of PDG (ruling party) and of the Prime Minister, need a clarification on behalf of the FRONT.

There is nothing wrong with a country that calls itself democratic, the people in power work with a diligent and critical opposition control. That opposition mirrors the complaints of people, and works toward alternation of power. The «Emergent in Chief» (Ali Bono), brain fogged by monarchists hints, visibly struggling to get used to democracy since 2009. We could say: “Too bad! He will do! “

But since 1970, assassination of opponents and ritual crimes have the same origin in Gabon: politics. And as Ali Bongo recognizes himself in the interview of August 17, he is not a newcomer to politics. One can even say that he has been playing a very active role for the last 30 years.

Thank you.

JP-Rougou_23Aout2014                                                             Jean-Pierre Rougou, member of the Front.
Libreville, August 23, 2014.


Translated from french by Citoyen Libre Gabon

#Gabon-Crimes économiques et financiers: Déclaration du Front uni de l’opposition

Déclaration du Front uni de l’opposition



Gabonaises, Gabonais, Chers compatriotes

Il y a un mois, nous vous annoncions la création du FRONT et notre détermination à tout mettre en œuvre pour réaliser, pour la première fois dans notre pays, l’alternance démocratique. Depuis ce jour, le FRONT, devenu une réalité, s’organise pour matérialiser cette ambition. Nous revenons vers vous aujourd’hui pour, non pas commenter l’actualité politique, mais pour quelques mises au point.

Le 54ème anniversaire de notre Indépendance aurait dû être un moment de grand rassemblement et d’unité nationale. Il aurait pu permettre à nos dirigeants de faire courageusement le point sur le chemin parcouru au cours de ces dernières années pour définir les axes d’un véritable sursaut National. Il n’en a malheureusement rien été!

Les Gabonais attendaient, par exemple, de savoir :

- Pourquoi l’Etat n’arrive pas à confectionner un Budget qui tienne la route pendant un an ;

- Pourquoi l’Etat ne prend pas en compte la situation des conditions de vie des apprenants et

- Pourquoi envoie-t-il nos enfants à la prison de Libreville, véritable école du crime, pour avoir réclamé leurs bourses ?

- Pourquoi l’Etat n’arrive pas à payer les bourses d’étudiants pendant un an ?

- Pourquoi le secteur de la santé est de nouveau bloqué par des grèves alors que l’Etat prétendait que tout y allait pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes ?

- Pourquoi Ali Bongo qui a découvert, en 2014, que « ses compatriotes vivaient mal ! » et qui, depuis lors, lutte contre la pauvreté, a-t-il soudainement évité de parler de son grand projet des 25000 logements promis – mais jamais réalisés – il y a 5 ans mais dont le chiffre ,revu chaque année à la baisse, est passé à 5000 pour tomber à 1000/1500 habitations pour 2012 ?

- Pourquoi seuls Ali Bongo, son directeur de cabinet et, peut-être, son porte-parole, voient ces « usines de transformation» que vante bruyamment Ali Bongo dans la Zone Economique Spéciale de Nkok ?

- Pourquoi aucune espèce d’activité économique ne caractérise à ce jour cette Zone, le bide du septennat ?

- Pourquoi seuls Ali Bongo, son directeur de cabinet et, peut-être, son porte-parole, sont-ils les seuls à ne pas distinguer les chantiers routiers commencés avant lui et qu’il n’a fait que poursuivre comme cette autoroute à quatre voies dont les travaux traînent encore au PK25 ?

- Que deviennent les grands « contrats d’entreprises » qu’Ali Bongo signe par milliers, à chacun de ses voyages planétaires ?

- Que de chantiers arrêtés à peine commencés ! Que de promesses ! Que de mensonges !

Par de là les défilés et les feux d’artifice, seules traces qui restent de notre « Fête de l’indépendance », nous n’avons eu droit qu’aux mêmes ronronnements d’autosatisfaction, aux mêmes lauriers tressés sur une tête pourtant surchargée de flagorneries, et , bien entendu, aux vaines tentatives de faire porter à l’Opposition la responsabilité de tout ce qui ne va pas au Gabon. Preuve supplémentaire que le Pouvoir dit « Emergent » ne voit pas le même Gabon que les Gabonais!

Le 17 Août a cependant vu effleurer 3 des principaux scandales qui minent la République et dont la résolution, longtemps réclamée par l’Opposition, rencontrerait un consensus certain dans le pays.

Le premier de ces scandales a trait à l’instruction judiciaire et aux jugements de détournements des milliers de milliers de milliards dont notre pays a été et reste victime malgré les multiples organismes créés pour en atténuer les effets.

Cette prédation gigantesque des rentes tirées du bois, du manganèse, de l’uranium, mais surtout du pétrole, a été et reste le principal obstacle au développement de notre pays dans la mesure où, d’une part, elle limite considérablement les moyens nécessaires pour édifier les infrastructures terrestres, portuaires et aéroportuaires qui auraient accéléré son décollage, et où elle bloque, d’autre part, la mise en œuvre d’une véritable politique de l’éducation et de la santé qui auraient placé notre pays aux avant-postes des Nations.

Cette prédation n’est pas seulement la cause de « la pauvreté dans un pays de rente » visée par la Banque Mondiale, dès 1997, mais elle a également créé un délitement moral des agents de l’Etat et généré un sentiment d’impunité dommageable à toute volonté de reconstruction nationale.

Sur la gestion de ce pays dans laquelle Ali Bongo Ondimba est impliqué depuis 30 ans, le chef des Emergents a profité de contrôle total des médias publics pour nous faire porter tout le passif de ces 50 dernières années et nous faire passer dans l’opinion pour des revanchards en quête de restauration du régime Omar Bongo.

Dans le même temps, Ali Bongo, qui avait entrepris de démanteler, pan après pan, les moindres actifs de celui qu’il présentait hier encore comme son père, se voulait désormais blanc comme du kaolin à la face des Gabonais, non comptable du moindre passif et innocent du fait de son supposé « jeune âge ».

Nous déclarons qu’à partir de ce jour, nous profiterons de chaque dossier, à chaque occasion, pour rappeler les actes posés par les uns et les autres au cours de la longue durée du pouvoir Bongo. Nous travaillerons à élucider les zones d’ombre et à mettre en exergue le passif, tout le passif. Nous rendrons coup pour coup.

En décidant de faire maintenant toute la lumière sur le crime odieux de la prédation des deniers et biens publics, Ali Bongo a fait un pas d’autant plus grand qu’il répugnait jusqu’ici à le résoudre, répondant par une pirouette à ceux qui s’en inquiétaient. Il estimait notamment qu’il y avait « délit de patronyme » et qu’il n’en était en rien concerné de près ou de loin au point qu’il a étonné les journalistes en faisant référence, lors de son interview du 17 août, à « son chez lui à Paris » alors qu’il a toujours prétendu ne pas en avoir.

Les Gabonais, quant à eux, étaient consternés d’apprendre ainsi qu’un Chef d’Etat, constitutionnellement garant de la sécurité des biens et des personnes dans une République, n’estimait pas de son devoir de récupérer par tous les moyens légaux des deniers et des biens appartenant aux contribuables Gabonais et de juger leurs spoliateurs. Il faut désormais que justice soit faite !

Mais, l’affaire est si importante qu’aucun Gabonais n’acceptera que, au lieu d’aborder le problème dans toute son ampleur, le Chef de l’Etat en fasse une opération politicienne et, finalement, l’escamote.

Les Gabonais n’accepteront pas qu’Ali accable certains, dont quelques lampistes sans envergure, pour garder à l’abri ceux, connus de lui et de nombre de Gabonais, qui ont mis et continuent de mettre le pays dans l’état où il est, qu’on stigmatise comme toujours quelques petits larcins de poulets et de boîtes de sardines pour permettre aux gros caïmans de continuer la gabegie.

Les détournements faits autour des « fêtes tournantes », pour importants qu’ils ont été, ne sont qu’un volet très limité dans le grand Dossier des Biens Mal Acquis, une vaste machination mafieuse qui a mis le Gabon à genoux et dont les ramifications se trouvent à l’étranger, dans de nombreux pays. Nous pensons que ce procès ne peut être géré par le seul Etat Gabonais. Il devra s’étendre à des juridictions étrangères, voire, internationales.

Pour mémoire, en France, aux États-unis et au Royaume Uni, des instructions judiciaires ont été initiées, des policiers mis à contribution, des livres écrits sur ce scandale hors du commun. On ne peut plus en rester là !

De peur que cette affaire ne se résume à une simple manipulation politicienne et à un outil de chantage, nous nous réservons la possibilité de saisir à temps les organismes internationaux compétents en vue d’aider le Gabon et les Gabonais à recouvrer leur dû et, partant, leur dignité. Nous appelons aussi les magistrats gabonais à tenir haut le drapeau de l’indépendance judiciaire, à unir leurs efforts, pour sauver le pays en défendant les seuls intérêts qui vaillent : ceux du peuple Gabonais.

Pour avoir été, pour certains d’entre nous, dans les cercles dirigeants de l’Etat, nous savons que les contrôles mis en œuvre au Ministère gabonais des Finances par les chargés d’études de la Direction Générale du Budget, puis par ceux de la Direction Générale du Contrôle Financier puis, de nouveau, par ceux de la Direction Générale du Budget et, enfin, par ceux de la Trésorerie Générale de l’Etat, que toutes ces barrières, mises en place pour empêcher les décaissements frauduleux, ne peuvent être franchies que sur une « Autorisation Présidentielle de Détourner » (APD) !

Nous sentant désormais libérés de notre devoir de réserve, nous sommes prêts à témoigner sous serment devant les magistrats et à sortir tous les dossiers que nous avons sur la question.

Nous savons qu’Ali Bongo, aussi bien placé, sinon mieux, que nous, en sortira d’autres, notamment les siens. En effet, qui d’autre mieux que lui peut expliquer avec quel argent il a pu acheter des palais en France, en Angleterre et aux Etats Unis, ou construire, comme il le fait aujourd’hui, autant de châteaux à Libreville ? Qui d’autre que lui peut dire comment il a pu conserver son poste d’actionnaire dans les plus grandes sociétés privées du Gabon, y compris celles chargées des Grands Travaux, tout en restant un des principaux dirigeants de l’Etat ?

Le deuxième scandale, et non des moindres, est l’annonce faite par le Secrétaire Général du Conseil National de Sécurité, donc patron des Services Spéciaux. Ce dernier a profité de l’Anniversaire de l’Indépendance pour tirer la sonnette d’alarme qui, à certaines conclusions, parait un cri de détresse.

Le Général Nguetsara, en charge de l’Immigration pendant des dizaines d’années, s‘inquiète de ce que, a-t-il dit : « la croissance de la population Immigrée au Gabon se développe plus rapidement que celle de la population autochtone, et que son nombre a dépassé le taux de 17% de la population nationale, alors que les normes moyennes internationales se trouvent entre 5% et 7% » et, pire, que « le contrôle de l’Immigration clandestine est pratiquement insoluble en l’état actuel… », qu’il est « actuellement impossible, matériellement, d’assurer une surveillance stricte et efficace de nos frontières maritimes et terrestres en raison de leur étendue et de leur configuration géographique, et surtout du manque de moyens et de personnels… » ! Un aveu d’échec particulièrement grave dans un secteur aussi névralgique pour la Souveraineté Nationale, la sécurité des personnes et des biens !

On pourrait ajouter, sans vouloir noircir le tableau décrit par le Général, que toute la côte gabonaise, tous les bras de mer, de Cocobeach à Mayumba, sont contrôlées par des pêcheurs non-nationaux. Tout comme le petit et moyen commerce, les trois quarts de l’économie gabonaise sont aux mains d’opérateurs non-gabonais.

On pourrait aussi préciser, à la suite d’un grand commis de l’Etat chargé de la concurrence et de la consommation, que le « laisser-faire, laissez-passer » des dirigeants gabonais a permis aux importateurs, grossistes » et détaillants étrangers de s’assurer le contrôle de la quasi-totalité du marché gabonais » .

Ce contrôle a favorisé le siphonage des moindres augmentations salariales par des hausses des prix excessives du fait des marges bénéficiaires exorbitantes. Cela a provoqué un assèchement des circuits financiers de l’Etat, tous les surplus étant systématiquement rapatriés dans des pays d’origine sans qu’Ali Bongo Ondimba n’y trouve à redire.

Mais, d’autres conséquences n’ont pas été décrites par le Général. Outre le blanchiment d’argent, ce système a favorisé toutes sortes de trafics illicites (drogue, fausse monnaie, délivrance de faux papiers pour le vote des étrangers, neutralisation des milieux judicaires par des lobbies mafieux tant décriés par des opérateurs européens spoliés). Les Services Spéciaux ont relevé par ailleurs des cellules dormantes du Hezbollah, une pénétration notable de la secte Boko Haram, en attendant, demain, l’utilisation du Gabon comme zone de repli par des éléments troubles de certains pays de la sous-région !

Notre pays est en danger !

Ce que ne dit pas le Général, c’est comment tout cela a commencé ! Dans la mesure où ce secteur a été exclusivement géré, depuis 50 ans, par la Présidence de la République. Qui d’autre a favorisé aussi massivement cette immigration incontrôlée qui menace les équilibres sociologiques et démographiques du Gabon ?

Il n’y a désormais que la Justice pour statuer sur le cas des dirigeants qui ont ainsi bradé leur pays.

Le troisième scandale, enfin, concerne les violentes attaques proférées par Ali Bongo contre Jean Ping le 17 août dernier. Ces agressions, venant après celles du Porte -parole de la Présidence, du Secrétaire Général du PDG et du Premier ministre, appelle de la part du FRONT une mise au point.

Il n y a rien d’anormal dans un pays qui se veut démocratique que le Pouvoir travaille sous le contrôle diligent et critique d’une Opposition. Celle-ci traduit les récriminations des populations, et œuvre à l’alternance. L’Emergent en chef, le cerveau embrumé par des relents monarchistes, a visiblement du mal à s’y faire depuis 2009. On pourrait dire : « tant pis ! Il s’y fera! »

Mais, depuis 1970, les assassinats d’opposants et les crimes rituels ont une même origine au Gabon : la politique. Et comme Ali Bongo le reconnaît lui-même dans l’interview du 17 août, il n’est pas un nouveau venu dans la politique. On peut même dire qu’il y joue un rôle très actif depuis 30 ans.

Nous vous remercions.

Fait à Libreville, le 23 août 2014.


#Gabon: Open letter to His Excellency Eric Benjaminson, Ambassador of USA to Gabon


Open Letter to His Excellency

Eric Benjaminson,


Head of the diplomatic mission of the United States to Gabon

Mr. Ambassador,

We are writing this letter to express our astonishment and concern regarding your actions, your doctrine and your fixism since you have been accredited as head of the diplomatic mission of the United States of America in our country. Since your appointment as the head of that diplomatic mission, in fact, not only have you never displayed an open mind when listening to opinions different from those favorable to the regime in power but, in addition, on the contrary, as months have passed, you have moved away from measure, circumspection, weighting, and the distance one would expect from a diplomat. You must know first, Mr. Ambassador, that we would have rather preferred to avoid the temptation to write this letter to you which would not have been possible just a few months ago. But in the space of a few weeks, you have intentionally crossed the acceptable red line. Your incomprehensible actions are what prompted us to decide to send this open letter to you. Maybe, a feeling of omnipotence has pushed you to believe that you could do anything, say anything and there will never be a Gabonese to answer you, anyway. Let us tell you, Mr. Ambassador, that you are mistaken. This time, we must meddle in what concerns us, even at the price of a call by the Gabonese military police. Whatever the consequences on our freedom, physical integrity and on our miserable lives! In any case, it would not have been acceptable for our humanity to let these indignities sit, these humiliations which make us indignant, not to speak of the consequences they will induce inevitably and permanently on our future.

Mr. Ambassador,

On December 28, 2012, in an interview with the online news site “Gabonreview,” you saw seen fit to justify the dissolution of the Union Nationale party and advise its leaders to create another political party. You have a curious conception, Mr. Ambassador, of the rule of law, of freedom and political competition! This is amazing! Do you know that the provisions of the Gabonese Constitution do suggest in any way the dissolution of a political party? Do you know for example that in the general principles of law, unless a group aims in its Constitution and explicitly calls for murder or hatred of others, there is no dissolution of political parties in a democracy? Do you know, Mr. Ambassador, you who call for the leaders of the Union Nationale to change their name – that your friend Ali Bongo took with an astonishing diligence an order with the sole purpose of preventing the leaders of the Union Nationale to found another political party?

How to understand this attitude from the representative of a country where the “Ku Klux Klan” exists since 1865 without- freedom oblige – ever being any question of dissolving it? As appalling as is its sole purpose, which is summarized in the destruction of ethnic minorities, as horrifying as are its calls to assassinate the U.S. President himself, that organization continues to exist in the country you come from, on grounds of the sacred principles of freedom of association and expression. How can you justify and support the dissolution of a political party which incidentally has never been violent, nor advocated violence, or even have as its goals violence as an instrument of access to power? How a citizen and representative at such a high level of a State which in its declaration of independence says: ” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. ” could accommodate such situations? How a representative of a country which is so convinced that it embodies a profoundly universal destiny, a country that proclaims the cause of humanity to be its cause, which says that its land is an asylum to all persecuted for freedom, can remain so blithely indifferent to the dissolution of the largest opposition party in a country where they are accredited? How the representative of a country that wages wars in the name of defending democracy, freedom and human rights in the world can be so against non-violent unarmed citizens who just claim their legitimate rights to live in a democracy, the rule of law and to seek their own happiness?

Mr. Ambassador,

Obviously, the only thing you propose to the Gabonese opposition is the injunction to turn the other cheek to be slapped even stronger, by the regime in power. You suggest to them to stop thinking and stop disrupting the sumptuous life of a nabob that your best friend Ali Bongo leads to the chagrin of our people.

Does this regimentation and allegiance of the opposition toward the regime, that you want at all cost correspond to the idea you have of democracy? Are these the teachings you have received during your training in History of Institutions and Political Ideology at the University of Oregon? Does this correspond to your faith as a man of God, committed to the truth?

Mr. Ambassador,

Your distressing statements about the fact that Gabon is a democracy where human rights are fully respected are an insult to the intelligence or at least the common sense of the people of Gabon. And even France which is known by all to appoint our Heads of State here in Gabon and guarantee their longevity in power and their drifts, their ambassador in our country, does not show such an ostensible bias in favor of the dictatorship under which we suffer here in Gabon.

Could it be accepted accept in the United States that any public event that the Republican Party would want to organize, be subjected to the discretion of an official of the Obama administration and, more importantly, who is a zealous partisan of the Democratic Party? Could it be accepted in the United States that President Obama appoints as Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court – which is equivalent to our Constitutional Court, a member of his family who would then judge elections in which President Obama and his party would be candidates? It is not necessary for you to answer these rhetorical questions. We know that your answers will be negative. Well, imagine, Your Excellency, that we either do not support this! We are also beings of flesh and blood. What your fellow Americans take for intolerable is the same also for us! The indignation and nausea that such situations would cause in your country are equal to our indignation and nausea! That we too would like to experience the excitement and pride to finally have a President who was elected by a majority of Gabonese people! We also would like to have the opportunity to hold our leaders accountable and punish them electorally if necessary.

As if that was not enough – and this is the one trampling too many – you have seen fit to cancel without further ado the trip of Me Oyane Ondo who was to participate in a program of the State Department of your country in the category of “Women political leader!”

You allege, Mr. Ambassador, to justify the cancellation of this trip, which Me Oyane Ondo never sought, the excessive politicization of that event by the Press. Politicization of the information in the press you say? Really? The United States of America would direct their diplomacy at the whims of information and interpretations of the local Gabonese press? We are surprised to learn that America – the leading power in diplomacy, military and largest democracy – is so fragile!

A country whose diplomacy flickers and varies according to comments made in the Gabonese Press! Can you tell us exactly what it is? The truth liberates, it soothes, it assembles. And we can handle the truth!

Anyway, Mr. Ambassador, your attempt using unconvincing argument to explain the reasons for the cancellation of this trip is also an insult to the intelligence of Gabonese people, we are not simpletons! Why fabric inaccuracies, which we dare not call lies?

To our knowledge, Me Oyane Ondo is not running an NGO that cares for AIDS orphans. Nor does she direct the Women’s Cooperative producers of cassava from Agnisock (whom we respect and value by the way). But she is the founder of an NGO whose purpose is precisely to defend human rights and promote democracy! What can there be more political than such a mission as it is precisely the public power that violates essentially human rights in Gabon and that it is still the regime which denies the people democracy? Excellence, if not politics, what would have Me Oyane Ondo talk about during this trip?

Excellency, Mr. Ambassador,

We love America. We like some of its history of struggle to defeat the British colonization. We have infinite admiration for the great men and women who have made history: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, etc… We are impressed by the willingness of America to preserve and defend freedom at all costs, even in the most painful circumstances! We adore, like many young Africans, its culture that inspires us so much. We are fascinated by its creative genius and innovation. We are most excited about the incredible vitality of its great democracy and its balanced political system with has evolved through centuries without many wrinkles. Alas, that your attitude is contrary to the ideals proclaimed by America, dismays us! For by acting as you do since your arrival in Gabon, you block the hopes of democracy for the Gabonese people; you stifle the desire for freedom the Gabonese have to write their history and the right to choose their destiny, you trample our human rights, you cultivate frustration, you want to encourage us – against our will – to hate America and display toward her a hatred that is not registered, as in some parts of the world, in our depths.

Your Excellency, you have taken too much water, your liabilities are starting to become a problem for you to continue to officiate here in Gabon, with credibility and relevance! You should know “leave things before they leave you,” says a popular wisdom. It is true that your legitimacy comes from those who have appointed you. But objectively and in good faith, what role would you continue to play in our country only if your only contacts are your friends from the presidential palace?

What remains for your effectiveness if other politicians and members of the civil society no longer give you the minimum esteem and confidence necessary for the mission which is yours?

You soil voluntarily, Mr. Ambassador, the image and discourse of America in Gabon. Therefore, we call on President Obama to proceed with your replacement. And hope following your departure, to host an ambassador who will not cause his country to shrink, who will not forget America’s mission in the world and the dream she arises in our countries including in the most remote areas.

We imagine obviously the sarcasm that this claim will elicit in you. But let us say that each week we will send a letter to the White House and the State Department about it until such time you are definitively relieved of your duties in Gabon. For your contempt for the Gabonese people who have the bad luck and bad idea to contradict your friends in Power in Gabon, is too obvious and unbearable!

Thereafter, nothing will prevent you from coming back, as a private citizen, in our country as you seem to appreciate the hospitality.

Thanking you in advance for the urgent and positive response that you will give this sincere and frank invitation to leave Gabon on your own, we beseech you, Excellency Mr. Ambassador, to kindly accept the assurance of our consideration.

For the committee, Desiré ENAME,

Journalist, defender of Human Rights


(Journal Echos du Nord)